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Grant Application Review Process

Delano Loretto Area United Way: Grant Application and Review Process Information for Organizations Applying for Funding

The Delano Loretto Area United Way (DLAUW) Board of Directors has developed this document to give you basic information about our grant application and funding process.

What are the Funding Priorities of the DLAUW?

The Delano Loretto Area United Way funds programs and projects that address the following funding priority areas:

  • Basic Needs - providing basic needs / crisis emergency services
  • Education - Helping children, youth, and adults achieve their full potential
  • Health - improving people's health and social well-being

Who is Eligible to Apply for Funding?

Organizations who apply for DLAUW grants must meet the following basic criteria for the application to be considered:

  • The program or project must fall under one of the three funding priority areas listed above.
  • The program or project must provide service to residents in the DLAUW service area, which includes the City of Delano, the City of Loretto, and surrounding townships.
  • The organization must be a 501c3, a public agency or unit of government, or must be registered with the State of Minnesota as a non-profit organization.
  • The organization must have met the requirements listed in their grant contract for any previous funding provided by DLAUW.

 How Do We Apply for Funding?

  • In order to be considered for grant funding, organizations that meet the basic criteria listed above must complete and submit a grant application by April 15th.
  • There will be no exceptions to this deadline.
  • Applications must be submitted using the on-line grant application form on the DLAUW website.

 What Factors Does the Board Consider in Making Funding Decisions?

The Board of Directors reviews the grant applications and considers the following areas in making decisions:

Meets Grant Criteria - Does the applicant organization meet the basic criteria listed in the "Who is Eligible to Apply" section above?

Meets Community Need - Does the proposal meet a recognized community need? Who is the audience? How many people will be served? How serious is the problem? Is service offered elsewhere in the community?

Shows Community Impact - How well does the program demonstrate a meaningful linkage between community needs, program activities and outcomes? Will program provide a meaningful volume of services, and/or people served? Will DLAUW funding make a difference?

Ability and Evaluation - Does the program plan seem sound? Are there adequate staff and resources to conduct program? How well does organization demonstrate ability to deliver and measure proposed outcomes? Does program duplicate other services offered in area?

Financial Management - Does the budget seem reasonable and accurate? Are there other funding partners / collaborators (DLAUW not the sole dollars)?

Previous History (for previous grant recipients) - History of reliability? Did organization accomplish its goals and objectives? Did organization make a difference with DLAUW funds? Did organization meet requirements - final report, publicity article, acknowledgment of funding, etc.?

What is the Timeline for the Grant Application and Review Process?

January 1 - April 30

Grant applications accepted. Please note: No grant applications will be accepted after this deadline.


Board of Directors reviews grant applications and makes funding decisions.

Late May

Organizations are notified of funding decisions.

Three Weeks after Notification

Signed contracts must be submitted within three weeks of receiving notification of funding.

Two weeks after Contract Receipt

Checks will be mailed within two weeks of receipt of the signed contract.

Within 30 Days

Checks must be deposited within 30 days of receipt.

Six Weeks after Project Completion

Final reports due for seasonal projects six weeks after end date listed in grant application.

March 1

Final reports due for year-around programs.

What is Expected of Organizations that Receive a Grant?

  • Organizations that receive DLAUW grant funding are expected to carry out the proposed program or project as outlined in the grant application. If for some reason, this is not possible, the organization must contact DLAUW immediately regarding the situation.
  • Organizations are expected to abide by the terms of the grant contract.
  • Organizations are expected to complete and submit a final report by the stated deadline.
  • Organizations will need to track demographic data of program participants (gender, age group, race, and number of low income participants) and include that data in the final report.
  • Organizations will need to track the city or township of residence and include a list of all cities / townships represented among participants in their final report.
  • If there are fees for participation in a program or project, organizations are expected to offer fee reductions / waivers to participants with demonstrated financial need.
  • Organizations will be required to track program / project revenue and expenses related to the grant application and include this information in the final report.
  • Organizations are required to acknowledge DLAUW funding in their printed materials, on website and social media sites, through verbal announcements, and other appropriate means. A copy of printed materials showing the acknowledgment must be submitted with the final report.
  • Organizations are required to prepare and submit an article about their program or project to an area newspaper or newsletter. It is strongly encouraged to include photos with the article. DLAUW understands that an organization has no control over whether or not an article gets published.
  • Organizations are required to provide a copy of the article / photos to DLAUW to be included in our publicity.

 Do You Need More Information?

If you have questions, contact Courtney Olson, DLAUW Coordinator, at 763-972-4429 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.